Home appliances – Paleari Fratelli Glass srl

Paleari Fratelli manifactures the entire range of flat tempered glass used fot domestic and professional appliances : oven doors, control panels, internal glass, covers, drawers, shelves for refrigerators etc., both rectangular and in any other shape required.

All types of glass present on the market are used in their manufacture, depending on costumer requirements: clear float glass, coloured, optical white, reflective, low emission, etc.

All processes (cutting, edging, drilling, bevelling, shining and tempering) are carried out in the factory, as is screen printing, which can be used to create any design and colour required by the designer.

The company also has a fully equipped workshop for the preparation of silk screens and enamels, allowing it to provide samples and pre-production in an extremely short space of time.

All production was been made according to BS 3193/93, UNI EN 12150-1.

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